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Winter 2013 Tour Announced

Happy New Year. Would you believe it’s been 3 full years since we trekked out across the fruited plane? I think we can all agree that 3 years is far too long. Fret not because the time has come and we are plotting another coast-to-coast journey this winter that has shaped up to be our most epic run yet. A band like us can’t throw the word epic around casually, obviously, so here are some of the basics and you be the judge.

We are pleased and honored to be sharing the road with two of our best friends and favorite bands, Junius and Native. We and Junius go back to the very beginning. Perhaps our oldest and best friends on the planet, this is the kind of tour we all talked about doing back in 2005 when we were all young bucks causing a space-rock ruckus in Boston after all-nighters in Alston. Sharing some road time with them is long overdue and a full-circle moment that pleases us beyond words. And did we mention that they’re easily one of the best live bands on earth? Ever? You’ll see.

Perhaps some of you down south caught us on a short tour in spring 2011? Yes - that band traveling with us, destroying all that is holy and shredding your face to pieces, was Native, quite possibly our favorite band making heavy music today. They’ll be joining us for the 2nd half of the run. Native is the kind of band that inspires us on every possible level a band can inspire on, and being able to share the second half of this run with them is a deep, great honor. When it came time to picking a band to share this experience with, Native was a number one no-brainer.

As you can see, we are covering as much ground as we can in 5 weeks, hitting up every region possible. Expect as long of a set as we can muster each night, with a varying amount of songs spanning most of our releases and lots of material from Waking Season. We are also thrilled to be doing our first in-studio performance for KEXP in Seattle on March 5. To be able to play on a session for something we’ve been watching as fans for so many years is gonna be chill-inducing, guys. Make sure to RSVP for the session so you get reminded.

That about covers it. We’ll have a few new shirt designs, a new hoodie and all of our albums on CD and LP out on the road, plus hopefully some more surprises for you. We can’t wait to see you out there, guys. Really, it’s just been way too long and we plan on doing everything we can to make up for the break.

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